Trekking in Northen Thailand

Trekking Party and guides -Yui and Paang

Yui and Catherine in the lead

First hill tribe village - a Karen village

Rice fields at the first village

A great bridge but the handrail is for short people

Second Karen village

Karen mother and daughter

Our accomodation the first night

5 star ablutions

Bacon for breakfast

On the trail day 2 heading for elephant camp

Elephant in the bush

Inside a Lahu village home

Weaving in a Lahu home

Lahu Kitchen

Fireplace in the middle of the floor - Lahu home

Local car wash

Up, up and away

Look, dry feet

Getting ready for rafting in a swollen river

Raft away

Rafting, Catherine sitting down

Graham in control, Catherine at the helm

Accomodation - second night at Shan village

Relaxing at the end of the second day

Catherine and Yui round the fire

Guide Yui

Guide Paamg

Off to an Akha village

Green bananas

At the Akha village

Akha village homes

Akha lady with head gear

Another old Akha lady

Back to the Shan village

Shan home on the river's edge